Jenn HobbsJenn Hobbs, a listener of our show and resident of Goffstown, came in to tell us the troubling story of Sarah Murnaghan, a ten year old girl who is being denied a lung transplant because she is “too young.” Are the restrictions placed on children and transplants costing this young girl her life?

Find out what Jenn Hobbs is doing to help Sarah in our Community in Focus series, sponsored by Bellwether Community Credit Union.

6-3-2013 Hour 1c

Visit this link and sign the petition to help!

Here is the full, compelling email that Jenn sent us:

Dear Mr. Girard:
I am friends with a family of a child with Cystic Fibrosis here in Goffstown, NH. I learned this week from them of a beautiful, brave 10 year old girl who is quickly losing her fight to CF because she is two years to young to receive an adult lung transplant.  Her story has been heard online and through the media the past week.
My husband and I have signed a petition through  The family is trying to have UNOS make a rule change to save their daughter’s life.  If they can immediately change the rule so that a 10 year old can receive an adult lung, maybe this young girl’s life can be saved.
PLEASE REPORT THIS STORY!!  This is an imminent situation.  I feel helpless and ever since I have learned of Sarah, this is all I think about.  Praying hard and having this family’s voice heard is all we can do!
Here’s a link to a story from today through Fox in Philly along with several others.
Thank you.  Everyone would appreciate this more than you know!
Take care,
Jenn Hobbs
from Goffstown, NH
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Do you agree that adult lungs should be reserved for individuals age 12 and older? Let us know in the comments.