pat arnoldRich gives us the rundown on Mayor Ted Gatsas’ race with Alderman Patrick Arnold. Plus, Rich talked about the new website, the city budget and Eric in Manchester called in with some financial woes.  NOTE:  Pierre in Manchester emailed information about the St. Mary’s Bank after hearing Eric’s call.  Please keep this in mind when listening to this archive.  We were unaware of the program and will offer an on air correction tomorrow and next Thursday.  Gotta LOVE our listeners!!  Here is the information from Pierre:

“The St. Mary’s deal is a credit repair deal for its members who may have bad credit. If someone with bad credit can have the restraint to put the $500 aside and pay it back every month they may be able to establish good or better credit. If they don’t pay it back, St. Mary’s will be out $500 and the person well have worse credit.”

6-6-2013 Hour 1ab