The Manchester Board of School Committee named the finalists for the position of superintendent.  Before we share, we just want you to know that diversity activists will be happy to know there aren’t any White guys in the group.  Remember, we had too many of those last time.  Also, two are women.  And, for those of you who never liked the whole nationwide search thing, rest easy.  The two women are already New Hampshire superintendents.  Now for the names:  Contestant number one is Dr. Kriner Cash, Superintendent of Memphis City Schools in Tennessee; the nation’s twenty third largest school district.  Contestant number two is Dr. Debra Livingston, Superintendent of Fall Mountain Regional School District.  Contestant number 3 is Dr. Maureen Ward, Superintendent of S A U 1 8, which includes Franklin and Hill.  Their bios are available along with the news story we posted yesterday at girard at large dot com.  The three will have their coming out party tonight as they present themselves to the public at a forum in the auditorium at Memorial High School from six thirty to eight.  The school board will elect one of them to the throne during a special meeting tomorrow.  The mayor will meet with each of them individually today.  We’ll have analysis this morning.

Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas had nearly four hundred friends and supporters attend his reelection campaign kickoff at the St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral on Hanover Street last night.  The mayor, who did not present a prepared speech, echoed a familiar theme in noting the questions are easy, but the answers are difficult.  He drew loud applause when he said the people in the room weren’t Republicans or Democrats or Independents, they were Americans.  Among the local luminaries were aldermen Jim Roy, Bill Shea and Tom Katsiantonis, school board members Sarah Ambrogi, Debra Langton, Christopher Stewart, Roy Shoults, Teddy Rokas, Erika Connors, and David Wihby.  Former mayors Emile Beaulieu and Ray Wieczorek were present as was former Alderman Mike Lopez.

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On a thirteen to eleven party line vote, the New Hampshire Senate adopted the budget proposal put forth by its budget committee.  Republicans welcomed its passage, with House Republican Leader Gene Chandler saying they did what many thought was impossible by not raising taxes, funding priorities in Health and Human Services, and using realistic revenues.  Republican Policy Leader Lori Sanborn of Bedford said the senate’s budget contained reasonable compromises that promoted a strong economy.  State GOP chair Jennifer Horn piled on saying the senate restored fiscal integrity to the state and noted that even the Democrat controlled House rejected Governor Maggie Hassan’s quote embarrassing budget debacle end quote.  Democrats, who burst into flames upon passage, were unavailable to comment.  Meanwhile, Senator David Boutin of Hooksett praised the unanimous passage on the state’s capital budget, the development of which the committee he chairs over saw.  Read Senator Boutin’s statement here here,  the state GOP release here and the House release here.

Students at Villa Augustina School will soon be able to better explore the mysteries of microscopic world, thanks to funding from St. Mary’s Bank.  La Caisse Populaire Ste. Marie, provided the Goffstown school with twenty one hundred bucks for the purchase of digital microscopes for the school’s science program.  “These bright young students of today could be the scientists of tomorrow,” said Tom Champagne, St Mary’s Bank Director of Community Outreach.  View the press release here.

Kudos go to the K-9 unit of the Manchester Police department.  The boys in blue and their barking companions dominated the annual United States Police Canine Association Police Dog I Field Trials hosted by the Boston Police Department.  There were 37 K-9 teams from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire and New York City, all competing in a series of events that included Obedience, Agility, Suspect Search, Article Search and Criminal Apprehension.  Officer Joe Ryan and K-9 Cooper, Ofc. Chris Biron and K-9 Colt, and Ofc. Ben Foster and K-9 Moose all won multiple awards and MPD’s four man team consisting of Ofc. Ryan and K-9 Cooper, Ofc. Ardita and K 9 Lou, Ofc. Tyler and K 9 Bud and Ofc. Cunningham and K9 Nero won 1st place team overall. View the MPD’s press release here.

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