Ambulance(Hour 3a) Rich has been doing some detective work around and town and he’s sharing all his  exclusive findings in this clip.

Manchester Fire Chief James Burkush and deputy chiefs Nick Campasano and Danny Goonan insist there wasn’t any funny business in the process to review the proposed ambulance contract bids; at least not from them.

They confirmed that American Ambulance did not submit the April thirty letter from its parent company’s U S A President and CEO to the city as part of their bid packet and confirmed that they were responsible for its distribution to the committee.  They said they obtained the letter because of questions raised by committee members and distributed it during a separate discussion on that matter.  They also said they had no idea how the National President of the I A F F union received the information and why they believed it was presented by American Ambulance as part of their bid.

Burkush was adamant that his recommendation in favor of current provider A M R was based on their clinical performance, available resources, and correction of the company’s billing issues and its newly negotiated provider agreement with Anthem Blue Cross.

6-19-2013 Hour 3a

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