Obama_ambulance-420x0(Hour 3a) Rich updates us on the latest details regarding the ambulance controversy, Christopher Stawasz of American Medical Response, and David Lang, President of the New Hampshire Professional Firefighters’ Association. 

Read more about Rich’s investigation in today’s On Air Stories. But first, State Representative JR Hoell of Dunbarton and Bow, NH, called in to share his opinion on the police tasering at the 2nd Amendment Rally in Concord.  He was there and has seen a number of videos and, in his opinion, police were definitely over the line.

So, did Concord cops over react in this situation?  View this  WMUR clip and let us know.

Here’s another clip from an independent camera that also captured the confrontation.  Did the cops push it?  Let us know.

6-20-2013 Hour 3a

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