Ambulance(Hour 2 a and b)

We have another update on the Ambulance Controversy and the plot is thickening!

Yesterday, we told you that David Lang, President of the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire, said he had no idea why Falck, the parent company of ambulance contract bidder American Ambulance, sent him a letter on April 30th regarding the company’s professed non-interest in taking over fire departments.  Today, we can tell you that the letter was sent to Lang in response to an email sent by Jeff Duval of I A F F local 8 56 saying that American Ambulance was quote unquote” the last company the committee should choose” because it had a purpose to privatize fire fighting operations.

Boo Heffner, President and C E O of Falk U S A, American Ambulance’s parent company said after being made aware of that email, he left several messages, both email and voice mail, for Lang to assure him that the company had no intention or desire to manage fire departments.  Lang, he said, did not reply to any of his messages, so he put it in writing.

Get the full details in this clip.

6-21-2013 Hour 2ab

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