7-8-2013 News

Manchester’s new Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Debra Livingston will have a coming out party of sorts tonight.  The Board of School Committee is scheduled to meet in the Aldermanic Chambers at City Hall tonight at 7.  The only item that I can see on the agenda, other than public input and a possible non-public session, which we refer to as non meeting meetings here at Girard at Large is the Superintendent’s report.  While there are no committee reports on the consent agenda, there’s also nothing more than the first two pages of the agenda posted on line.  We have an inquiry into the district to see whether or not this was done by design or someone goofed.  In any event, Dr. Livingston’s maiden presentation is tonight and of course, we’ll be there.

 Manchester police are looking for you help to identify several people who broke into a West Side apartment in the wee hours of Friday morning, seriously injuring an occupant with a hammer.  Police say twenty seven year old Brian Smithurst was visiting his girlfriend, twenty nine year old Sheena Jones at five oh eight Dubuque Street when several Hispanic men and a White woman broke in through the front door and assaulted him with the hammer.  Other visitors in the apartment were assaulted as well, according to Jones, who said she did not know the assailants.  Smithurst was transported from Catholic Medical Center to the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon due to the severity of his injuries.  Complete details of the incident as reported by the police are posted with this news read at Girard at Large dot com.  Anyone with information is asked to call the Manchester Police Department at 6 6 8 8 7 1 1 or report tips anonymously to Manchester Crimeline at 6 2 4 40 40 or on line at Manchester Crime line dot com

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 The Manchester Historic Association has announced its Open Doors Arts and Cultural Tour will be held on the evening of Thursday, August first.  These popular and free Trolley Nights are organized each year to celebrate the amazing diversity of artistic expression and dynamic museum experiences that the city has to offer. Two trolleys will circulate the same route between the hours of 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., stopping at each venue about every 30 minutes. Free parking is available at fifty five South Commercial Street and at Two Hundred Bedford Street.  Among the many venues slated for a visit are the Millyard Museum, SEE Science Center, Langer Place, and the New Hampshire Institute of Art.  A complete listing with all the details and how to reserve your spot on one of the trolleys is posted with this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.

 The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers held its fifteenth annual Taxpayer Reunion Picnic over the weekend.  More than a hundred activists from across the state were there for the event.  C N H T Chairman Ed Naile shared that the organization has been working on a BIG voter fraud investigation and that shocking results would soon be released.  The group also heard from former House Speaker Bill O’Brien who railed against voter fraud and detailed his reasons for exploring a run for congress in the Second District.  Former State Senator Jim Rubens, former President of the Granite State Coalition Against Expanded Gambling gave his first stump speech as a potential candidate for U S Senate.  Rubens, an entrepreneur who has started several businesses, said it was unacceptable to saddle our children and grand children with the nation’s massive debt and that he would touch the third rail of politics, Social Security and Medicare, to solve the problem.  He called for the programs to be means tested.  And potential Gubernatorial candidate George Lambert, a state representative representing Litchfield and Manchester’s wards eight and nine, shared how he’d restore constitutional government to New Hampshire.  Officials of the group said they were pleased with attendance, which they said was higher than past off year events.

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