rich(Hour 1c, 3a) Last night, MHT’s new Superintendent, Dr. Livingston, discussed the “Federal Flexibility Waiver” and how SB48 needed to be passed in order to get the waiver. Is this the waiver that Mayor Ted Gatsas is after?  Or some evil entity with Common Core strings?

In this clip, get the details on SB48.  Hear all about the bill’s “priority schools” and what “shall” happen to our schools if this bill is passed.  A self-fulfilling feedback loop that ensures our need for more and more government resources.  Get Rich’s take on this destructive process that is CLOSER than you think.

7-9-2013 Hour 1c

7-9-2013 Hour 3a

The interview we referenced with Senate Peter Bragdon, who is also a school board member in Milford is here for your convenience.