Sarah Ambrogi(Hour 1b, 1c, 2a) In an EXCLUSIVE interview, Manchester Ward 1 School Board Member Sarah Ambrogi takes us inside Manchester schools and tells us what’s really happening in regards to Common Core.

Hear the what, when, why and how the Manchester school district is implementing Common Core.  Is Common Core an improvement that helps our kids be successful in life and in their careers, or is it simply about helping our kids pass State tests?  And is Common Core being implemented before a serious, public dialogue has taken place regarding whether or not its appropriate?  Rich asks the tough questions and Sarah answers.

7-10-2013 Hour 1bc

In this next clip, Rich rants on the interview with Manchester Ward 1 School Board Member Sarah Ambrogi.  Rich sees a troubling process at work here… get the details!

7-10-2013 Hour 2a

Also, hear our recent segment on SB48.

Do you think there needs to be a public dialogue before Manchester implements Common Core?  Let us know in the comments!