7-11-2013 News

The Manchester Police have noticed a sharp spike in burglaries last week and are urging urge residents to be vigilant.From July 1st through July 7th, Manchester Police investigated 30 reported burglaries at both businesses and residences.  Since then, we’ve received press releases on at least another six.  Several of the reported burglaries occurred at businesses spread throughout the city, generally during the overnight hours.  Car washes seem to be a favorite target.  The residential burglaries occurred more frequently in densely populated neighborhoods on both sides of the river.  While some burglars have targeted occupied homes at night, more commonly residences are broken into during the day or at other times when people are not home.   The Manchester Police Department is asking residents be vigilant and alert them to anything out of the ordinary occurring in your neighborhoods.  They also suggest you take pro-active steps to make you home more secure and to minimize your risk.  We’ve posted their tips to protect your home and property to Girard at Large dot com and linked them to this news read along with a map of the affected areas.  Burglary spree More Burglaries Burglaries 07-01 to 07-07-13-map only Tips for Home Security Preventing Summer Burglaries

Cornerstone is requesting that the Department of Health and Human Services release all public documents and records related to the hiring of Dawn Touzin as an attorney at D H H S.  Touzin recently served as Vice President of Policy and Government at Planned Parenthood of Northern New England and Cornerstone is concerned that she is continuing her activism in her new role at Health and Human Services.  Cornerstone has asked that all documents related to Touzin’s hiring be made public so that quote “all members of the community—not just those seeking to use government resources to advocate liberal causes—can evaluate whether her advocacy continues and if the public good is being properly serviced,” said Ashley Pratte, Executive Director of Cornerstone Action.  We’ve posted the complete request with this news cast at Girard at Large dot com

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More candidates filed for elective office in Manchester yesterday.  Appointed Ward 6 incumbent school board member Daniel Bergeron has officially thrown his hat into the ring.  This is his first campaign for the office as he was appointed by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen after former school board member Donna Soucy quit.  Challengers surfaced to incumbent school board members in wards three and five.  Former Ward 7 State Rep Ross Terrio filed for school board, so there’ll be a race for that seat to succeed the retiring Dave Gelinas.  Regardless of whether or not Ward 2 Alderman Ron Ludwig files for reelection, there will be a race for that seat, too.  Complete details of whose filed to date are available in the Election 2013 section of our news page at Girard at Large dot com which is, of course, linked to this newscast.

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