KC's RIb Shack(Hour 1a, b) Rich and DJ Dave tackle the “complexities” of the KC’s Rib Shack controversy.  The city is defending their actions… Get the details!

Plus, we’ve got new developments on the Right to Know request.  Rich promises to post some important information from the Planning Director, Leon LaFreniere, and the Clerk’s Office later tonight.  Was the City reasonable when they shut down KC’s Rib Shack?  And where is the common sense in all of this?  Hear what Rich and some of the new candidates who are running for office think about Manchester’s anti-business nature.

7-19-2013 Hour 1ab

Hear our recent interview with KC’s Rib Shack owner, Kevin Cornish.

Was the City reasonable in shutting down KC’s Rib Shack?  Let us know in the comments!