Dana Benner

Dana Benner, Pinardville resident and professor.

(Hour 1b c and 2a)  Dana Benner, a concerned Pinardville resident and political science professor, came in to speak out against Plan Pinardville. Will this benefit the entire city, or is it a clandestine attempt to change residential into “mixed use” zoning for housing developments to benefit a select few?

In this clip, Dana talks about Pinardville’s history as a rural community, what “mixed use” means and the financial strain that this zoning change could have on both Pinardville and Goffstown.  Plus, learn about plans to open up specific dead end roads to accommodate multi-unit housing, and Ward 3 Alderman Pat Long even calls in to add to the discussion.

7-24-2013 hour 1bc2a

Make sure you attend the important meeting regarding this issue on July 30th at 6PM at Goffstown Town Hall.

View the entire plan, visit Plan Pinardville’s official page and hear our previous (and referenced) interview with John Hikel and Brian Rose on Planapalooza.