(Hour 1bc 2a)  Representative Neal Kurk from Weare discusses allegations that his daughter, Kendra Kurk Anderson, has been committing voter fraud for years here in NH.

Is there any merit to these allegations?  Get Rep Kurk’s side of the story right here!  Plus, get his take on State Senator Martha Fuller Clark and the allegations that Obama campaign workers used her domicile to vote in NH.

Starting tomorrow we will be discussing issues of Voter Fraud in NH on a weekly basis with Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers.  Hot topics include the Vice President Biden’s niece, Alana Biden, State Board of Education Member Emma Rous’ children, and Patricia Kalik, who’s voter fraud issues are tied to President Barack Obama’s Organizing for America campaign.  The big debate is what is the definition of domicile…is it Bear Brook State Park in Deerfield, NH as some AmeriCorps workers claimed?  When will the NH Attorney General’s office take some action against these fraudulent voters?

7-30-2013 Hour 1bc

Afterwards, hear Rich’s commentary on the topic:

7-30-2013 Hour 2a

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Read today’s On-Air Story for full details on this voter fraud allegation.