Road ClosedMajor road closures on Thursday, August 8, 2013. The Annual Cigna Road Race will be held again in Downtown Manchester.  Due to the volume of runners and staff working the race motorists should anticipate encountering significant road closures and delays on Elm St, Canal St, and River Rd as well as the surrounding areas.

In order to accommodate the set-up of the race, Merrimack St will be closed from Elm St to Chestnut St at 12:00 PM and Elm St between Stark St & Mechanic St will be closed at 3:00 PM.

The race is scheduled to begin at 6:20 PM and will require additional street closures on Elm St from Lake Ave to Carpenter St and on Canal St/River Rd from Ready St to Granite St at 6:00 PM. This will also include temporarily closing the side streets between Elm St and River Rd/Canal St until the runners have completed the race.  Both the Amoskeag Bridge and Bridge St Bridge will also be closed during the race.

Areas of Merrimack St, Central St and Elm St around Veteran’s Park will be posted “NO PARKING” on Wednesday night the day before the race. Areas of W Merrimack St, Franklin St, Elm St, Mechanic St, and Amherst St will also be posted “NO PARKING” to accommodate the Start and Finish Lines for the race. The No Parking Ban will remain in effect until all road race activity is completed.

Motorists leaving the downtown area or traveling into Manchester are asked to allow extra time and seek alternate routes to their destinations.