Ed Naile (Hour 1b, c) Ed Naile, President of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers, kept up his relentless pursuit of Voter Fraudsters in our state from out of state. Assistant Attorney General Michael K. Brown and Millie Knudson have yet to respond to allegations of hosting fraudulent voters. The Democrat activists exposed State Senator Jeb Bradley’s son, Sebastian, voting twice as well as Weare Representative Neal Kurk’s daughter’s absentee ballot, but can’t seem to find fraudulent voting in their own party!

Find out how the court cases, Newburger III et al v. Peterson and Hannah Rivers et al v. The State of NH, played into voter fraud. It’s no wonder NH has this issue when Strafford County Judge John Lewis stated college students can be domiciled in two places! What is NH Secretary of State William Gardner’s role in putting a stop to voter fraud? Listen in to find out who he “Nailed” this week in our ongoing series: A Question of Voter Fraud.