Looks like the expansion of Medicaid sought by Governor Maggie Hassan and the Democrat controlled House of Representatives won’t be happening in New Hampshire anytime soon.  During the battle over the state budget, the Republican controlled Senate refused to expand the program and insisted a bipartisan committee be established to study the matter.  That committee concluded that expanding the program under ObamaCare wasn’t a viable option for the state and that seeking a waiver from the federal government to use private insurance companies to expand coverage availability would be a better way to go.  It was a lopsided six to two vote, with one abstention, in favor of that direction.  Bedford senator Andy Sanborn wasn’t entirely pleased with the conclusion.  In a statement issued yesterday, Sanborn said, quote “While the commission spent significant time and effort considering all the ways it could expand this government entitlement program to increase spending in New Hampshire by nearly $700 Million, it neglected to seriously consider long-term taxpayer ramifications to our citizens, health outcome considerations, and a host of other exceptionally important related issues, which will need to be addressed if legislation does come forward.”  End quote.  He also said the state should look to expand its economic base to ensure that everyone can get a great job, not look to government programs that will hike taxes and fees and cut services to provide coverage.  He was pleased the commission at least agreed that expansion of the state’s Medicaid program was out of the question.  Governor Hassan posted on facebook that she still wanted to expand the program as proposed and looked forward to working with the legislature to expand access to insurance coverage.  We’ve posted all the statements we received on this yesterday with this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.  GOP on Medicaid Senator Stiles on Medicaid Rep. Chandler on Medicaid Sen Sanborn on Medicaid Gov. Hassan on Medicaid

Former state senator Gary Lambert, a Republican candidate for Congress in the Second District called out Democratic Congresswoman Anne Kuster for her votes against various temporary funding measures to keep programs like the Woman, Infants and Children nutrition program operating despite the make believe government shutdown.  Lambert said her failure to support funding such programs isn’t leadership and called on Kuster to vote for compromise measures as a way of ending the government shutdown.  His statement is posted with this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.  Meanwhile, we learned yesterday that the Obama Administration has ordered government death benefits to the families of soldiers killed overseas not be paid as a result of the budget impasse.  Gotta love how these guys go out of their way to hurt the vulnerable and deprive the worthy just to make political points.

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Local Country Music star Jimmy Lehoux and his band are hosting a concert to raise funds to help a little Manchester girl facing a very serious disease.  Rowan Byers of Manchester has Morquois Syndrome, a rare bone disease.  For an experimental treatment, the little girl will have to fly to Chicago on a weekly basis.  The pharmaceutical company is paying for the treatments, but the family will need to pay for transportation.  All funds raised from the concert, which will also feature our Number One Fan Christopher Duffley, will go to support the family.  The concert is November 2nd at Pinkerton Academy’s Stockbridge Theater.  Complete details are posted with this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.  We hope to have Jimmy on the show soon.

The Bedford and Allenstown police departments have announced they have once again partnered with the Drug Enforcement Agency to collect unused prescription drugs from residents in their towns.  The event will take place on October 26th from ten to two and residents can drop their expired, unused or otherwise unwanted prescription drugs off at the department headquarters in each town.  We suspect we’ll be getting more information from other participating departments about that day’s event, so check with your local P Ds for details in your city or town.  Bedford Press Release Drug Take Back

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