Ed Naile(Hour 1b, c) Ed Naile of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers continued his quest to intimidate Fraudsters in another edition of A Question of Voter Fraud.  Making NH an unwelcome place for these cheaters would require a concentrated effort in Nashua, apparently. It’s not about counting ballots.  It’s about counting STACKS of ballots! In the news again is Latha Manjipudi of Ward 8. Come to find out, she hosted Alysha Tierney, a campaign worker for Organizing for America, who voted in the NH election using Latha Manjipudi’s residence.

In addition to the voter nests found in Nashua, Manchester, and Portsmouth, another residence was discovered in Bow, which Ed will be investigating. Ed continued to name names, including Paolo Cozzi, Melissa Shohet, Nahanni Rous, Ben Rous, and Alana Biden and gave domicile examples, such as Attorney General Michael K. Brown, Cindy Rosenwald, Martha Fuller Clark, and Emma Rous.