Manchester Alderman Joe Kelly Levasseur is at it again.  As listeners of this show know, Levasseur has been at the epicenter of the dog park controversy dogging Ward 10 Alderman Phil Greazzo.  In pursuit of information he used to unsuccessfully ambush Greazzo at the last meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, Levasseur contacted the Manchester Dog Park Association’s insurance agency to ask questions about the policy on file with the city.  Knowing that Levasseur was an alderman, but not knowing he wasn’t authorized by the board or any ordinance or statute to obtain additional information, the agency’s employee provided some information which shouldn’t have been released and which Levasseur misrepresented both at the meeting and on his television show where he admitted to contacting the agency.  Folks, what Levasseur did is something that raises some serious ethical and legal issues which are currently under investigation.  Greazzo has requested the City Solicitor review the situation as he believes it violates Article 9  of the city’s charter, entitled Standards of Conduct and the state’s Abuse of Office statute against what’s known as quote Official Oppression un quote, R S A 6 43.  We’ve linked to this exclusive story which we broke late Friday afternoon with all the details.  It will, of course, be a subject of discussion this morning.

In a related story, a person claiming to be on of the aliases we reported Levasseur may be using to harangue political opponents in comment sections under news stories on the Union Leader‘s Web site sent me an email Sunday morning.  It was probably a good thing I didn’t see it until after I’d come home from church, but despite polite response, we’ve yet to receive anything from this fellow, who I still haven’t found in any kind of online people search, to verify his identity.  We will post the emails between he and I for your review and also have linked to this Sunday’s City Hall Column in the New Hampshire Sunday News so you can see comments posted by suspected aliases Jeff Roberts and Jeff Powers predictably attacking Your Humble Host but interestingly enough using verbiage from an email Levasseur sent in response to our request for comment on the story about his obtaining privileged insurance information to which he was not entitled.  Oh, and one more note on that story, Greazzo has provided the City Solicitor with all the Manchester Dog Park Association banking records and a history of all insurance certificates.  Yup, guy has something to hide…  Here are the emails between me and the alias.  alias Roberts to rich back to Roberts back to Rich, further response from alias Roberts and Rich’s response  Click here for the original alias story.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Ward 7 School Board Candidate Ross Terrio‘s crying foul over a mail piece sent by the Democrats on behalf of opponent Lisa Witte over the weekend.  In the mail piece, Witte is pictured side by each with popular, unopposed Ward 7 Alderman Bill Shea, implying an endorsement where one does not exist and Patrick Arnold‘s smiling mug is on the mailer too, implying an endorsement that also does not exist because Shea’s backing Mayor Ted Gatsas‘ reelection bid.  Meanwhile, a negative mail piece attacking aldermanic candidate Joe Whitten in Ward 6 may have boomeranged.  Whitten, whose never run for office before, has a young family and is an honorably discharged veteran said the smears caused some supporters of incumbent Alderman Garth Corriveau to call him and let him know they’d switched their minds about who they were voting for because they were disgusted by the mailing.  Whitten posted on his facebook page how proud he was of the positive campaign he and his supporters have run.

And, just a reminder, Manchester’s city elections are tomorrow and we’ll be broadcasting live here on New Hampshire Family Radio and Manchester Public Television beginning at six P M and we’ll be joined by special co-host former alderman at-Large Mike Lopez as we bring you the interviews, analysis and results LIVE tomorrow night!

Opponents of Common Core have forced a meeting arranged to educate selected folks within the Amherst/Mont Vernon School District, S A U thirty nine to be opened to the public.  District officials had sent sixty five invitations to selected people within the towns to hear from two seriously pro-Core folks about the so called standards and dispel misinformation.  Well, once some not so pro-Core folks in Amherst found out, they raised a fuss and got the meeting opened to the public.  It’s Wednesday night from six to eight at Souhegan High School in Amherst.  Those who want an open public debate on the issue are encouraged to wear red.  Also on Common Core, the New Boston Republican Committee will host Education Specialist Ann Marie Banfield at the Whipple Library in town to discuss the topic on the evening of Thursday November 7th beginning at seven.  Seems that the resistance is spreading!

That’s news from our own backyard, Girard at Large Hour ___ is straight ahead.