Girard at Large has obtained this email from Ward 10 Alderman Phil Greazzo asking that both the Board of Mayor and Alderman and the NH Attorney General investigated the allegedly illegal actions of Alderman at Large Joe Kelly LevasseurGreazzo will be our guest tomorrow morning at 7:40 to share all the details.  Note:  Here’s the story we broke on the topic on 11/1/2013 and our On Air News Read  and on air explanation on 11/4/2013

Here is Greazzo’s letter:

Mr. Clerk, Mr. Attorney General, and members of the Board,

After what took place at our meeting of Oct. 29th, I conferred with the Solicitors office and I bring forward the matter of Alderman Levassuer’s violation of the City Charter, Article IX – Standards of Conduct, Section 9.03, Subsection (c) Disclosure of Confidential Information and a violation of State law Chapter 643, Abuse of Office, and request the matter be referred to the Conduct Committee and for review by the State’s Attorney Generals office.

At our last meeting of the BMA, Alderman Levassuer along with Gary Hamer and Jon Hopwood requested the Board to audit the Manchester Dog Park Association. In the interest of transparency with the City, the MDPA has already submitted every bank statement (although they are not required to do so) and every insurance binder from the begining of the MDPA.

During that meeting Aldermen Levasseur referred to the parks insurance, holding out a piece of paper he claimed was the insurance binder. The following evening on his television show, he admits to having called the association’s insurance agent to obtain information prior to the meeting.

The committee to which the matter was referred has yet to meet or decided if the matter warrants an audit, and has made no recommendation to the BMA with regard to requesting any information. Therefore, Alderman Levasseur acting without the authority of the Board, used his office to obtain private and privileged information he was not authorized to have or obtain, and then disclosed the illegally obtained information in public. As per the outlined section of the Charter; “A city official shall not disclose confidential information concerning the city or its business without proper legal authorization; nor shall any official use any such information to advance a private interest. Confidential information is information the official obtains because of the position held which is not a matter of public record.”

The latest insurance binder provided by the MDPA to the Solicitor wasn’t public record and wasn’t given to him until two days after the meeting. The only way Alderman Levasseur could have obtained the insurance records, and by his own admission on his show, was by using his office without legal authorization of the Board to do so. After learning this I met with and verified with the MDPA insurance agent that Alderman Levassuer did in fact call to obtain information and informed her “it was to help Phil.” He then went on to misrepresent the illegally obtained information on his television show. Which raises the violation of State law, CHAPTER 643, ABUSE OF OFFICE, Section 643:1

643:1 Official Oppression. – A public servant, as defined in RSA 640:2, II, is guilty of a misdemeanor if, with a purpose to benefit himself or another or to harm another, he knowingly commits an unauthorized act which purports to be an act of his office; or knowingly refrains from performing a duty imposed on him by law or clearly inherent in the nature of his office.

Since Mr. Hamer and Hopwood are attempting to destroy the good work of the MDPA in an effort to create their own organization (see attachments), Alderman Levassuer’s illegal activity to support their effort and “advance a private interest” also constitutes a “benefit to another” and harm to the MDPA while knowingly committing an unauthorized act which he purported to be an act of his office.

I respectfully request that in the same manner to which the Board asked for an audit of a free and self perpetuating dog park be sent to committee for review, this more serious and illegal activity also be referred to committee. There are other items not related to this incident that I will bring forward at our next meeting to support the request.


Alderman Greazzo

*Mr Foster, I would also like your office to consider charges for Alderman Levassuer’s conspirators (Hamer and Hopwood) as well as any and all of Mr. Hopwood’s false reporting made to your office including the October 18th complaint he filed with the Criminal Justice Bureau sent to the attention of Public Integrity and Economic Crime Unit