Phil Greazzo(Hour 2c, 3a) Alderman “Unelect” Phil Greazzo has officially filed complaints against Alderman at Large Joe Kelly Levasseur with the Manchester City Clerk and the Attorney General’s Office.  What are the complaints about and is this just sour grapes from Phil post election?  All of this over a puppy park?!  Read the text of Greazzo’s complaint.

Read the story we broke on the issue.  (Not only did we break it 10 days ago, we remain the only media outlet that’s reported on it to date.  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?)

(Hour 2c) Alderman Greazzo on what lead up to the formal complaints. 

(Hour 3a) Alderman Greazzo details the complaints and how he believes Levasseur abused his power as Alderman at Law, and broke the law.