Dr. Gary Thompson(Hour 3b, c) Proponents of Common Core are going to have a very hard time discounting and dismissing the argument AGAINST Common Core that Dr. Gary Thompson made on our show this morning.  A native of California, he has a doctorate in clinical psychology and he currently runs a child psychology clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife.  He voted for Barack Obama and couldn’t disagree with the President more on education from a “Top Down” approach.  “They’re building the airplane while it’s still in the air.  We shouldn’t have to be believing in Common Core curriculum, we should have data.  There is NO DATA to back up their claims.”

He believes LOCAL control is BETTER.  “One size can’t fit all when it comes to education.  Local teachers and administrators know their students.  And PARENTS are the resident experts of their own children.  That’s the way it is and the way it ALWAYS SHOULD BE.”

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