Manchester Ward10 Alderman Phil Greazzo has a big I told you so coming on tonight’s agenda of the Manchester Board of Mayor and Aldermen‘s Committee on Accounts, Enrollment and Revenue Administration.  This is the committee to which the pressing matter of the allegedly scandalous management of the Manchester Dog Park Association has been referred.  The agenda contains a complete history of the association’s bank statements as well as its insurance certificates.  You wanna know a little secret?  The accusations made by dog park critics about a lapse of insurance just don’t seem to have any evidence to support their claim.  Even better, statements made by Alderman at-Large Joe Kelly Levasseur about there seeming to be a six to eight week lapse in coverage, something, if memory serves, he indicated the dog park’s insurance allegedly agent told him, are, on their face, false.  Having reviewed the documents it’s clear to me that there wasn’t a lapse as alleged, but a change in companies that caused a new certificate to be issued after the old one renewed.  So, did Levasseur make up what he said to damage Greazzo just days before an election?  Given how his version of events has undergone multiple revisions over the past several weeks, one can make an educated guess, which leads me to Greazzo’s coming “I told you so.”   Also on the agenda is a letter from Gary Hamer who, with Jon Hopwood, has been a viciously vocal critic of the M D P A in general and Greazzo in particular.  In the letter, Hamer asks the aldermen to terminate the contract so as to allow a new group of individuals to come forward with a new association and plans to operate the dog park.  The basis for this request, they say is the alleged, but apparently non-existent eight week insurance coverage lapse and that association is a political club.  Oh My HEAD!  As Greazzo has asked both the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and the N H Attorney General to investigate Levasseur for abuse of office for making unauthorized inquiries of his insurance agent to obtain private, privileged information and use that information to his detriment and for the benefit of others, one has to wonder how this letter doesn’t at least appear to show Levasseur colluded with those who want to take over the dog park, which by the way, was built by Greazzo and some of his friends at their own expense.  We’ll flesh this out during this morning’s show to be sure.  And, yes, the docs are posted for your review.  Let’s see if you can read or at least tell the truth better than Joe Kelly Levasseur.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

The attorney asked to investigate whether or not Hooksett School Board Member John Lyscars coughed up confidential information in a social media post has come to the conclusion that he did not.  Lyscars had been accused by fellow board member Phil Denbow of dropping the dime on their non-public discussions.  That foolish endeavor which passed with three votes from the usual suspects cost the taxpayers in Hooksett three hundred and seventy five bucks.  The same three who voted to try and lynch Lyscars were, as predicted, no-shows for the informational session hosted by Lyscars and Board Vice Chair David Pearl last night.  Too bad they didn’t show as approximately two dozen Hooksett parents were there.  The pair used the projector they’re not allowed to use during meetings to share information with the public.  They also had handouts of the material they were reviewing on the screen so folks could read along, have something to take notes on and take home.  How ’bout that?  Several in attendance questioned the financial arrangements not only with Manchester, but also with recent actions taken by the board to change the base tuition rate they’d pay any school district from Manchester’s to Pinkerton’s despite not having an agreement with Pinkerton, not knowing the cost, but knowing the cost will be higher and they wanted to know when they would be able to start choosing a school for their kids’ freshmen year.  No answer on that as the Hooksett School Board has yet to allow parents to indicate where they want their kids to go.  We’ve  linked to our live blog of the event so you can take it all in.  All and all, The Dave and John’s Informational Session was well organized, run and presented.  Folks I talked to, all of which wanted their kids to go to Manchester schools by the way, felt better that they knew more of what was going on, but didn’t much like what was happening.

That’s news from our own backyard, Girard at Large hour ___ is straight ahead.