Hooksett School Board Vice Chairman David Pearl and Clerk John Lyscars will host an informational session with the public to discuss the pending developments in the town’s high school situation. The agenda they will follow is below, provided by Lyscars.A public forum to discuss high school issues was cancelled by the majority of the Hooksett School Board for October 29. The name of that event was then changed to an information night. The date was then moved to November 25.

David Pearl and myself attempted to get the Hooksett School Board to agree on a meeting dedicated to listening to the parents and tax payers of Hooksett New Hampshire, sometime between November 13 and November 19. Those motions failed.

David Pearl and myself called a meeting for tonight, November 18. The other three school board members could not be available. Without quorum, we could not have an official Hooksett School Board meeting.

Because we believe listening to the adults of Hooksett is so important with major decisions affecting their children and tax dollars, we are holding a meeting which will NOT be a Hooksett School Board meeting. We plan to discuss:

Manchester Agreement Review
Public Statements from Pinkerton and Londonderry in the press
Hooksett Policy JCB – Hooksett School District Assignment of Students To High School Policy
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) being reviewed by Londonderry
Thoughts On Pinkerton Long Term Tuition Agreement (Contract)
High School Enrollment Statistics
Salvation Army Kettle Campaign $2,000 Challenge
Most Importantly – We are here to LISTEN to the public……..

Please join us to listen to hear about what we know so far, but most importantly bring your input for us to hear as well.

Date: Monday, November 18 (TONIGHT)
Time: 7 p.m.
Where: Cawley Middle School Media Center (Library)

John Lyscars

Hooksett School Board Representative

“I Listen, Learn and Take Action for Hooksett!”