Thanksgiving Breakfast(Hour 3a, b, c, d) Charlie Sherman was the Master of Ceremonies for the New Horizons 20th Annual Thanksgiving Breakfast.  It was their first full house ever!



(Hour 3a) Christopher and Grace Duffley entertain the guests during breakfast.  And Christopher announced his own personal donation.

11-26-2013 Hour 3a

(Hour 3b) Ovide Lamontagne joins us to discuss Americans United for Life.  Learn more at

11-26-2013 Hour 3b

(Hour 3c) Guest speakers include CMC’s Alex Walker, former Governor John Lynch and Rosetta Wylie from Angie’s Shelter for Women.

11-26-2013 Hour 3c

(Hour 3d) Donations, donations, donations!!!

11-26-2013 Hour 3d