Londonderry State Representative Dan Tamburello (R-Londonderry), whom we interviewed yesterday morning regarding the sexist, derogatory comments made by Manchester State Representative Peter Sullivan (D-Ward 3) toward Second District congressional candidate and State Representative Marilinda Garcia (R-Salem) has called for Sullivan to resign. We asked him to elaborate on a Tweet he sent following the interview containing an article on Sullivan’s many transgressions in the House to which he said “where there’s smoke there’s fire, Sullivan should resign.” Here’s his reply: “Peter Sullivan’s most recent activities continue a despicable pattern of dishonorable, sexist, and intolerant behavior towards minorities and women. Yet, when he gets called out on it, he doubles down and adds more insults to people’s religious beliefs, while his party remains totally silent. Rep. Sullivan’s shameful acts have now brought national attention and embarrassment to not only the NH Democratic Party, but the chamber in which he serves. Rep. Sullivan should resign immediately.”

The Manchester Dog Park Association had it’s annual meeting last night and despite all the wailing and gnashing of teeth, it was a relatively tame and quick affair. One meeting attendee, Bethanie Saint Laurent, had several questions regarding the group’s status as a 501(C )3, expiration of terms for the board of directors and the groups by laws, all of which seemed to be rooted in the misinformation that’s been spread by political foes of Ward 10 Alderman Phil Greazzo, a founding member of the association. As Greazzo and association treasurer Tammy Simmons answered her questions about the process the board has gone through applying for tax exempt status and under what circumstances they would consider filing the application, the structure of the Executive Board, which is different from the Board of Directors, and the revisions to the groups by laws that were made at the direction of the State, St. Laurent became visibly disgruntled. Shortly after she left the meeting, she posted on the Friends of the Manchester Dog Park facebook page that the meeting was quote “a bunch of crap” and that quote “the park pretty much is staying the same. Sorry folks I tried,” end quote, in a reference to prior posts stating she was more or less going to raise the devil at the meeting. Meeting organizers adjourned the meeting after all parties present indicated they had no further comments or concerns, including St. Laurent. An elderly man who declined to be identified for this report, told Greazzo after the meeting he was glad he went because he heard a lot of nasty stuff said by folks at the dog park but the reality was apparently much different. Greazzo thanked him for attending the meeting to get the facts himself. We’ll have more on this this morning.

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More information is coming to light as the investigation into whether or not Alderman at-Large Joe Kelly Levasseur abused his position to gain confidential information on the Manchester Dog Park Association‘s insurance policies. In a document referenced by Mayor Ted Gatsas in his on air interview on Wednesday and released to Girard at Large by Ward 10 Alderman Phil Greazzo yesterday, Karen Case, the insurance agency employee to whom Levasseur spoke about the policy, said Levasseur told her quote “that the city was having a meeting that evening and that Greazzo could be in trouble regarding the insurance coverage for the Manchester Dog Park” and that he quote “wanted to make sure he had all the information he needed to help Mr. Greazzo at the meeting.” End quote. She also wrote quote “It was clear to me that he was asking in his role as an alderman.” Now we know why the mayor said he thought this investigation should be done within a week. We’ve posted the letter and will have more on this today.

Hooksett School Board Member John “Angry Elf” Lyscars unleashed on fellow board member Phil “Dumbo” Denbow and the board’s majority in a social media post yesterday saying Denbow had no integrity and that the board, under the control of the current majority couldn’t be trusted. He charged that Denbow, board member Cheryl “B T” Akstin and Board Chair Trisha “The Gavel” Korkosz were only concerned with their self interests and blocking out the needs of other Hooksett families. He said the all out push for a contract with Pinkerton was the result of an aggressive majority, accusing Akstin of passive aggressively called motions to a vote when she wanted to prevent information damaging to the majority’s position from being heard. Meanwhile, the S A U school board that has personnel authority over Superintendent Charles “Chucky The Super” Littlefield will hear the complaint of Hooksett Resident Jason Hyde, who still has his effing esophagus, the one Chucky threatened to rip out,…in February. Hooksett School Board Vice Chairman David Pearl‘s attempts to have a special meeting in a more reasonable time frame failed. Surprise.

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NOTE Posted on 12/8/2013:  Girard At Large releases Facebook posts from the Friends of the Manchester Dog Park closed Facebook group page to verify commentaries and news stories.  (Memo to Alderman at-Large Joe Kelly Levasseur:  Yes, Joe, our sources ARE that good and ALWAYS have been on this and other issues, much to your chagrin, I know.  Regards to all:  RH Girard)

Jon C. Hopwood contemplates crashing the Manchester Dog Park Association’s annual meetingAld. Levasseur chimes in.  Nice try to cover yourselves toward the end, gents!

Posts on a thread that has comments from before and after the MDPA’s meeting, including from Bethanie Saint Laurent, stating she hoped to be intimidating, among other things.  There are several posts from the hardcore core of the MDPA’s opponents which give an unvarnished look at this group.  Oh, there’s a reference her to taping the meeting.  Interesting…

Here is the thread started by Saint Laurent after the meeting, complaining about it and stating she recorded it.  Lots of comments from the core anti MDPA group.  Note Levasseur was very active in this thread and the one immediately above.

Finally, here is the letter written by the insurance agency employee Levasseur called about the MDPA’s insurance policy.