A deadly police shooting in the town of Weare is under investigation by state police and the attorney general’s office.  As first reported yesterday on Girard at Large by Bill Wynne of Goffstown Today Dot Com, the shooting preceded a police chase near Lanctot’s Plaza.  We’ve linked to Goffstown Today’s exclusive video and photos from the scene, as well as their interview with Kristen Hibbard, owner of Greaney’s Ice Cream and Farm Stand, whose site was wiped out by the collisions associated with the police chase.  Details are still emerging, however, it appears as if an under cover heroin buy set up Weare police went bad.  Shots were fired, a chase ensued, collisions happened, ambulances came, the wounded died.  The A G’s office has yet to release the identity of either the deceased dealer or the two cops who fired at him.  We’ll keep you up to date on the details.

Police in Goffstown have issued an advisory to residents in Pinardville.  No, it’s not that their property rights are on the verge of being stolen by Planned Pinardhood, it’s that a rash of thefts from the night of the thirteenth into the early morning hours of the fourteenth saw some twenty vehicles relieved of their contents.  Holly, Roy, Laurel and Edmond streets were particularly hard hit.  Residents are encouraged to lock their vehicle and home doors and to contact G-Town’s boys in blue if anything even remotely suspicious might be happening in your neighborhood.  Anyone with information on these thefts or seeing something suspicious should call Goffstown’s Finest at 4 9 7 4 8 5 8 and hope they act like they’re hauling reporters out of a school board meeting with the thugs targeting your neighborhood!

Meanwhile, Concord’s police chief and city manager withdrew the application they made for a grant to replace an aging SWAT vehicle.  The pair had enraged citizens across the state by claiming domestic terrorist groups, like the Occupy movement, Free Staters and Sovereign Citizens were active and presenting daily challenges.  Others in town protested the militarization of the department saying they wanted to be more like Mayberry and less like Fallujah.  The Concord grant application is linked to this news read at Girard at Large dot com for your convenience.

News from our own backyard continues right after this.

Federal education officials have given Common Core opponents in the state an unexpected talking point.  Seems that three states are in hot water with the feds for failing to bring their teacher and principal evaluations up to federal standards.  Washington, Oregon and Kansas have been given an extra year to meet the federal mandates placed upon them by waivers granted by the Department of Education to the No Child Left Behind Act.  If the states don’t comply, they will have to meet the standard that says EVERY child must be able to meet academic standards in reading and math by the end of the 0h 14 school year.  Forty states, including New Hampshire have been given waivers, all of them with similar strings attached.  Makes you kinda wonder just what our strings are and what will happen if we don’t dance like the fed’s puppet at the end of them,  huh?  Don’t worry, though, we still have state and local control over education.  We‘ve linked to the story for your convenience.

Alderman Patrick Arnold announced the hiring of a veteran campaign team, the opening of a campaign office, and that he is set to deliver a policy speech outlining several major initiatives he says will move Manchester forward.  Kevin Hodges will serve as campaign manager.  The Dover Group will handle direct mail communications.  Huck Montgomery will continue to serve as a consultant to the campaign.  The Arnold for Mayor campaign headquarters is now open at 11 17 Elm Street.  Interested residents are invited to stop by.  Arnold will outline several policy initiatives on Tuesday, August 20 at Noon in the Aldermanic Chambers at City Hall addressing Manchester’s schools, crime, and developing new ways to grow Manchester’s economy and create good jobs for local workers.  Both Arnold and Mayor Ted Gatsas appeared on the Girard at Large TV Show in separate interviews last night to discuss their campaigns.  You can catch reruns tonight, Saturday night and Monday night and we’ll post the video here at Girard at Large as soon as it’s available.

That’s from our own backyard, Girard at Large hour ___ is just 30 seconds away!