Jefferson(Hour 2a, c) Armand from Manchester shared the story of a six-year old boy who got suspended from school for kissing a girl on the hand.  A six-year old is guilty of sexual harassment while a perverted Police Chief gets a pass?  Armand’s call inspired a passionate monologue from Rich on the declining values in our society and the REAL War on Women.  Also, the importance of transparent, open government vs. what we’re witnessing in our own backyard and on Capitol Hill.  And an upcoming Right to Know Seminar on Saturday, December 14th at the Coalition of NH Taxpayers

What The Media Actually Does To Women

12-11-2013 Hour 2a

(Hour 2c) Rich explained Dr. Jeff Czarnec’s Essay Challenge on ‘How our Constitution is being dismantled.”  And a rundown to where the progressive Big and Bigger Government “Solutions” has gotten us.  What can we do to turn it around?

12-11-2013 Hour 2c