(Hours 1b,2a,b) Marco RubioRich started by commenting on Lady Gaga’s performance at the Superbowl.  He then moved on to the GOP debate.  He spoke about Chris Christie’s attacks on Marco Rubio.  He then talked about what happened between Ted Cruz and Ben Carson and how Carson responded in the debate.

(Hour 2a) Rich talked to us about national politics again this morning.  He shared from a recent tracking poll to inform his listeners about the current standings.  We heard a number of potential scenarios regarding tomorrow’s primary.  He spoke about Donald Trump’s biggest enemy and made his predictions about who will move on from New Hampshire.

Click here for the tracking poll.


(Hour 2b) Rich continued where he left off.  He spoke to us more about the Carson-Cruz situation.  He speculated on the affect that this had on the results of the race.  He spoke about San Bernadino’s impact on the race and on Ben Carson in particular.