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GOP Debate Review

(Hours 1b,2a,b) Rich started by commenting on Lady Gaga’s performance at the Superbowl.  He then moved on to the GOP debate.  He spoke about Chris Christie’s attacks on Marco Rubio.  He then talked about what...

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The Iowa Caucus Results

(Hours 1a,b) Rich started right off by talking to us about last night’s Iowa Caucus results.  He pointed out who came out on top and shared about the voter turnout.  He spoke to us about Donald Trump’s campaign...

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Americans for the Arts Action Fund

(Hour 2a) Guest hosts BJ Perry, Andrew Provencher and Mark Laliberte introduced us to Sarah Stewart this morning.  She came on the show to talk to us about the Americans for the Arts Action Fund.  She pointed out the importance...

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Firearm Offense and National Politics

(Hour 1b) We continued with guest host George Lambert and his wife Rhonda. Rhonda shared a story about someone who became offended by someone who was carrying a firearm in a restaurant.  They had a conversation about the legal...

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Trump and the Potential Nominees

(Hours 1b,2b,3a) Rich talked about a political stunt that Hillary pulled recently and the response that she received.  He told us about Houston Texas’ Sheila Jackson Lee and her stance against homicide.  He shared about...

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