Girard at Large obtained the NH Standards in Education from 1930, a document that has been referenced by Manchester resident Patrice Benard in testimony on the Common Core national standards before the Manchester Board of School Committee.  In interviews with Girard at Large, Mayor Ted Gatsas said he wanted those standards to be considered by the Manchester School District as it works to develop The Manchester Academic Standards (T-MAS).

The school board voted to received and file the Common Core aligned curriculum guides it spent $83,000 to develop over the summer after it decided to embark on the development of its own standards.

Former Manchester Superintendent Tom Brennan, anchor of the Girard at Large weekly education segment entitled “Is Our Children Learning,” endorsed not only their review, but also their incorporation into then noting they were narrowly focused, provided greater focus on academic content and provided teachers with more flexibility to do their job in the classroom than anything he’d seen.

The district will host a two day seminar “unpacking” standards with the assistance of retired Nashua Assistant Superintendent Dr. Althea Sheaff on December 17, 2013.

Here are the standards from 1930:

1930 Program of Studies 1-114

1930 Program of Studies 115-248

1930 Program of Studies 249-404

1930 Program of Studies 405-489

Click here for a list of the standards the district has said it will review as part of the process.  They have taken suggestions on which standards should be reviewed, so if you have any recommendations, send them to me here.