Stacking the Deck(Hour 2a, b) Rich has been making multiple inquiries of Hooksett Superintendent Charles P. Littlefield about the Pinkerton Academy agreement.  There is no question that the Hooksett School Board continues to stack the deck in (… read more…) favor of Pinkerton and our Humble Host cites the newest examples of how they’re doing it.  Are the newest examples of malarkey simple mistakes or deliberate book-cooking?  Hooksett School Board member John Lyscars called in the share his concerns about the latest misrepresentation in the Union Leader (deliberate or honest mistake) in Hooksett and Jeff from Manchester called in to comment about the “failed paradigm” that is the Public School system in Hooksett and Manchester.  Read the David R. Cawley Middle School CMS Dates that Lyscars spoke about.

01-14-2014 Hour 2a, b