Ted Gatsas(Hour 3b, c) Mayor Ted Gatsas had much to say about spending increases in Manchester.  Should the Aldermen override the City Tax Cap?  Do we have a revenue or a spending problem? (… read more…)  Have the City Department heads come up with any ideas for new revenue streams?  The Mayor commented on the poor condition of Manchester’s roads and the dent that will put in the budget.  Are leasing employees and competitive bidding part of the solution?  How about the Bag and Tag program for garbage pickup?  Where is the Teacher’s contract situation?  Other City Union contracts?  Yager/ Decker?  STEP and COLA costs?  There are alot of ideas on the table in the very complicated budget process, and all are being considered.  Tune in for the in-depth discussion!

01-15-2014 Hour 3b, c