CNHT Ed Naile(Hour 1c, Hour 2b) Ed Naile of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers has been busy trolling for Out of Staters that have been voting in NH.  He spilled the beans on a MAJOR Voter Fraud nest at (… read more…) 1200 Elm Street in Manchester involving several players from Hilltop Public Solutions, including David Kelly Kieve and his wife, Katherine Joan Bedingfield.  Sound familiar?  We’ve chronicled them before in A Question of Voter Fraud.  They, like Organizing for America, work on Democratic Party campaigns.  No problem there.  They also live in other states but vote here.  THAT’S a problem! Kathy Sullivan allowed Geoff Wetrosky to use her home address to vote illegally in the Manchester election of Robert Baines. Caitlin Ann Legacki of Precision Strategies worked on the campaigns for Iowa Congressman Bruce Braley, Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, Jeanne Shaheen and former NC Senator John Edwards, and used Unit 402 of 1200 Elm Street Manchester as her voting address. As did her co-worker at Precision Strategies, Stephanie Cutter. Nicole Marie Thurber also voted in the last 3 general elections from this address as well. Interesting! Campaign workers and attorneys in other states, Russell Lasser Kornblith, Harvard University Law School graduate, and Blake Andrew Roter, University of Wisconsin graduate, also voted from Unit 818 of 1200 Elm Street, but were not residents of NH. Joining the list are Shane Douglas Malone (Unit 821) and John Gerard Ryan (Unit 903). Amazingly enough, their residence is not the only thing these individuals have in common…they were all born on January 1st! What are the chances of that??? Ed also shares his views on Georgia Congressman John Lewis’ attempt to introduce a bill to make it harder to track down fraudulent voters by mailing? Seriously? Tune in!

(Hour 1c) 01-22-2014 Hour 1c

(Hour 2b) 01-22-2014 Hour 2b

Here’s the video of Caitlin Legacki‘s election night interview…in Missouri.  So, how did she vote in NH on that day?  Here’s a follow up story published by Granite Grok