Common Core Math(Hour 1b, Hour 2a, Hour 3a) Surprise!  Surprise!  Surprise!  The 8th graders of Hooksett have voted for their High School, and 106 of 168 have chosen (… read more…) Pinkerton Academy.  Surprised?  We’re not, considering the stacking of the deck that took place on the Hooksett School Board in favor of Pinkerton.  How did they  stack the deck, specifically?  We discussed a few examples of questionable and suspicious actions there.  ALSO, tune in to 7:30 of Hour 3a for Rich’s take on a Common Core math exercise (pictured left).  Read more on Hooksett in the On Air News Read

(Hour 1b) What are Hooksett SB member Phil Denbow and Mrs. Denbow complaining about?  01-22-2014 Hour 1b

(Hour 2a) Hooksett SB member John Lyscars called in to cite an informational session on November 25th.  Why were Pinkerton Academy officials the only ones “notified?” 01-22-2014 Hour 2a

(Hour 3a) Dave from Hooksett called in to declare that “Littlefield needs to go. This thing has already cost Hooksett taxpayers over $2 million and the lawsuits are coming.”  01-22-2014 Hour 3a