1200 Elm St(Hour 1b) More than one Fraudster flew over the Voting Nest at 1200 Elm Street and Rich shared the details.  It’s amazing how many campaign workers from out of state that don’t actually live here claim to at (… read more…) the Voting Nest Jackpot of Manchester. Rich recapped Geoff Wetrosky’s fraudulent voting history, first residing with Kathy Sullivan at 92 South Mammoth Road, then later at 1200 Elm Street Manchester. Also outed are fraudsters Diana Lynn Doukas and Matthew Wagner House, workers for Democrat Paul Hodes, who also “resided” at 1200 Elm Street. Joining the list are Emily Brown, Patrick Dennis Collins, and more names to be revealed. Steve MacDonald of Granite Grok shared the news that Harrell Kirstein, Spokesperson for the NH Democratic Party, is actually a resident of NJ, not NH. Interesting!

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01-30-2014 Hour 1b