Ed Naile(Hour 1c) Loophole?  Coalition of NH Taxpayers Chairman Ed Naile can’t find the one he’s being told exists to explain why our NH Attorney General isn’t (… read more…)prosecuting perpetrators of Voter Fraud in our state.  Loopholes that allow Professional Campaigners like Caitlin Ann Legacki to vote here even though she doesn’t “domicile” here.  Not to mention that Legacki wasn’t even IN our state on the same day that she apparently voted here.  Ed explained the current laws that are supposed to be enforced, but aren’t.  This explains why fraudulent voters “residing” at Martha Fuller Clark and Latha Manjipudi have yet to be prosecuted.  Grassroots organizations like CNHT are working to change that!

Ed also reveals another “resident” of 1200 Elm Street, Daniel Michael O’Donnell. Any coincidence that he’s friends with Janice Rottenberg? Let’s see what happens when  his name is turned over to Manchester City Clerk Matthew Normand.

Listen to our interview with NH Secretary of State Bill Gardner

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02-05-2014 Hour 1c