Sid Glassner(Hour 3a, b, c) Senior Fellow Sid Glassner has some serious academic credentials.  His constructive criticism of the Public School System has been well (… read more…) documented on our adorable little radio show.  This morning’s edition of “Is Our Children Learning?” (typo intended) didn’t disappoint either.  Glassner considers teaching a fine art that is not measurable by certain metrics.  Cases in point?  Common Core and the “Leaning Tower of PISA.”  Tune in for an in-depth discussion on how and why the “Tsunami of Reform” being pushed on us by the folks at the Department of Education is all about how we rank on a “Faulty Global Test.”  Finland is having great success with their approach.  Why are we headed in a polar opposite direction?

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02-06-2014 Hour 3a, b, c