Charles P. Littlefield(Hour 2a, b) The arrogance exhibited by Educrats Virginia Barry, Commissioner of NH Dept. of Education and Charles P. Littlefield, (… read more…) Superintendent of Hooksett is really quite shocking.  Rich describes Barry’s display yesterday in Concord and reviews the mulitple displays by Littlefield on many occassions in Hooksett.  SB member John Lyscars called in (Hour 2a) with the latest highjinks at the Hooksett School Board.  Ann Marie Banfield called in (Hour 2b) to comment on the testimony of the Education Commish.

Read the letter from the NH School Boards Association regarding how Common Core will impact local control.  Why didn’t Commissioner Barry mention this?

Watch the video of Barry’s testimony at NH House Education Committee Hearing HB 1508 

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(Hour 2a) 02-07-2014 Hour 2a

(Hour 2b) 02-07-2014 Hour 2b