In a previous letter to the editor, it was implied that John Burt acts with a lack of fiscal responsibility while carrying out his duties as a State Representative. I beg to differ. John Burt personifies fiscal responsibility, living his life a frugal man who does not believe in accumulating debt.  He votes according to this principle as a member of the State Legislature.  I am told John is often heard saying:  “The taxpayers can’t afford it!” 
John Burt takes protecting our personal freedoms very seriously as well, successfully supporting ‘Stand Your Ground’ – the 2011 Senate Bill 88 that passed the legislature which allows you to protect your family anywhere, anytime.  With the rise of crime in even our small town, it is a comfort to know that parents can readily protect their children, though God forbid it should ever be necessary. 
John Burt is truly a man-of-the-people.  He will take your call or respond to your e-mail and always give you his honest opinion.  You will never have to wonder where he stands.  John says what he means and he means what he says.
John Burt has served us wisely at the State House and will continue to do so as a Selectman.  Goffstown needs him to fight against the ever-rising tide of tax increases and federal government overreach.    
Vote for a true fiscal conservative who stands firm on the United States Constitution as the law of the land – a  man of integrity, John Burt.
Cheryl Anderson, Pinardville