On March 11th, the people of Goffstown will have a choice as to who will become the next Selectman for a three year term.  I will be voting for John Burt.  I have only known John for several months, but I have learned a lot about him.


When my grand-daughter’s fourth grade class from Bartlett School visited the State House for a tour, John Burt spoke with them.  What you likely didn’t know is that he accompanies students who visit from other nations on nearly every tour held at the State House.  If a school group shows up for a tour and no Representative from that school’s district is there to greet the students, John Burt does it.


John gets upset when elected officials at all levels of government forget that they are there to represent ALL of the people.  I believe that John was steeled in his will to run for Selectman when he heard that two members of the town’s budget committee said that people should take out reverse mortgages to pay off their ever-increasing property taxes or that if they needed help paying taxes so they didn’t have to eat just beans and rice, they should contact the budget committee so that one of its members could direct people to “available services.”  John Burt is sensitive to the needs of people, unlike some elected officials in Goffstown.


John will give you the shirt off his back if that’s what you need.  He is a regular person who thinks people do matter.  I’m looking forward to calling John MY Selectman.  I hope you will join me in voting for John Burt on March 11th.

Nancy Lamper, Pinardville