Pro Obamacare Ladies(Hour 2a, b & Hour 3a) Rich shared some fundraising initiatives for the Kosinski Family.  We discussed the faltering economy and the local businesses that are struggling to survive.  Also, the crippling effect of Medicaid, Medicare, Obamacare and the accompanying inflated costs.  When are the Democrats in Concord going to do something on what they ran on: Jobs and the Economy?  Chef Oonagh and Rich had a passionate debate about government-run healthcare.  Jeff from Pembroke called in to comment.  In Hour 3a, Rich had more to say about the false argument for government healthcare “solutions” and how allowing free markets to reign (like they do for auto and life insurance) is the cure.

(Hour 2a, b) 02-25-2014 Hour 2a, b

(Hour 3a) 02-25-2014 Hour 3a