CNHT Ed Naile(Hour 1c) Organizing for America campaign worker Alexandra Isabel Perez-Caballero of SC joins Alana Biden and Daniel Kalik on the list of fraudulent voters using Patricia Kalik’s home at 145 Steinmetz Drive, Manchester to vote. Her son, Daniel Kalik, who lives and works in Washington DC, also claims residency in NH. Interestingly enough, Patricia’s deceased husband, Allen Kalik, is still on the voter list.

What do James Rodgers and Mark Bergman have in common?  They both worked for the Paul Hodes Senate campaign and they both live at 190 Second St.  No bid deal you say?  If it was just one instance of Organizers flocking together, you might be right.  Ed Naile finds clever ways to catch the Voter Thieves that don’t live here but do vote here.  They all seem to flock in the same places here after flying in from the same places elsewhere.  Naile names names, finds their “domiciles” (addresses) and dares the NH Attorney General’s office to enforce our laws. Even though according to US Attorney General Eric Holder, the Attorney General’s office doesn’t have to enforce laws they don’t like. Seriously! That’s good news for fraudulent voter hosts like Cindy Rosenwald, Martha Fuller Clark, Patricia Kalik, Assistant Attorney Michael Brown, Millie Knudson, and Latha Manjipudi, but bad news for honest residents of NH!

02-26-2014 Hour 1c