This is the testimony of former Ward 10 Alderman Phil Greazzo regarding his 15 week old Right to Know request Alderman at-Large Joe Kelly Levasseur admitted to stalling on his public access television show.

I filed a right to know request on Nov. 19th 2013, that was 15 weeks ago. According to RSA 91a the time in which the information is to be provided is 5 days unless the request was Phil Greazzojustifiably denied. This wasn’t, however, the 15 weeks I’ve waited is a “reasonable” amount of time for the information to be relased. If we use the 90 day rule in 91a:9 the city is still 3 weeks late on providing the information.

I have asked the Solictiors office repeatedly to release the information I have requested and was told that Alderman Levassuer was objecting to the release of certain emails… I have come to find out from those who monitor his tv show that he’s been stalling the Solicitors office. Just as he did with the A.G.

Why? Because the e-mails in question will prove that he’s lied right to your faces.  On November 19th when he said he did not know any of the people attacking the dog park and wasn’t working with them, and could also prove he abused his of office in doing so. Unfortunately for Joe Lievassuer, Jon Hopwood himself provided the evidence that you were all lied to. He called into the show and on live TV stated, “This is John Hopwood. I was listening to GAL today, and I guess have I been named personally in this right to know request. I just wanted to know.  The people who were involved in my emails to you, are they being informed that uh they are, that their emails are going to be revealed or have been revealed? Do the individuals, is that information going to be revealed to the individuals?” JKL… ”If you didn’t use the server, the city server to contact anybody who’s an Alderman, they wouldn’t be in that email compilation so you wouldn’t have anything to worry about.”

So, now you know why Clerk Normand has to forward e-mails from Alderman Lievassuer to the Board, because he’s intentionally trying to circumvent the right to know law by using his person email for city business.

On his show last week Joe Lievassuer confirmed he’s been stalling the Solicitor and the public right to know in his own words…” I was able to stall the city from sending it out…then we had to come to, they had to say we have to release these at some point. I sat with Tom Arnold, myself and Alderman Hirschmann sat with Tom Arnold last Friday in his office and I tried to make my best pitch…and he said nope and I said well send me an email and I’ll go to court on Tuesday and they were kind enough to wait until Tuesday so I could file the injunction.” The City has agreed since I filed this injunction that they’ll hold off.

If Solicitor Arnold did in fact hold off on releasing the information so Joe Lievassuer can file court papers, that’s a huge problem.

There was no injunction issued. I would like the information I requested immediately. The city, through this action has violated RSA 91a and subjects itself to any associated liability.