Ed Naile(Hour 1c) Ed Naile of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers doesn’t just get mad when Fraudsters like Alexandra Isabel Perez-Caballero from Columbia, SC vote here while campaigning for Organizing for America and “residing” with Patricia Kalik – he gets even.  Naile is challenging Vote Thieves like Alexandra and 25-30 other “Organizers” including Alana Biden, Caitlin Ann Legacki, Daniel Kalik, and Greg Wasserstrom (of Hilltop Public Solutions), who think it’s okay to vote in our state even though they don’t live here to take him to task with the NH Attorney General’s office.  Memo to the cheaters: don’t hold your breath waiting for a response.  In the meantime, Ed is looking to “Naile” college students in NH majoring in Voter Fraud.  Those unpurged voter lists have lots of leads to follow and addresses, such as 1200 Elm Street and 145 Steinmetz Drive Manchester, to track.

03-05-2014 Hour 1c