03-06-2014 News

The New Hampshire House of Representatives was in session yesterday and the Democrats once again cast a set of votes that showed all they’re doing to protect our liberties and build our economy.  On a vote of one hundred ninety two to one hundred thirty three, the House passed a bill that would ban the use of handheld devices while driving.  Representative Mark Warden, Republican of Goffstown, issued a statement on behalf of The Evil House Republican Alliance condemning the bill arguing that quote “forbidding drivers to call home or set their G P S while stopped in traffic is a ridiculous intrusion into our private lives.” end quote.  Hateful House Republican Leader Gene Chandler of Bartlett said the state already had good laws that prohibit distracted driving of any kind and that the state should enforce those laws as they stand, rather than ending cellphone use for everyone.

The Democrats also putdown another attempt by the G O P to starve government so it can in turn starve old people and children.  A bill to reduce the state’s Meals Tax to eight percent from nine was defeated one eighty four to one forty eight.  That Waskawy Wepubwican Weader Bartlett tried to trick everybody into thinking the tax effects everything from our cup of morning coffee, to our grilled cheese at lunch, to the pizza we get for dinner, not just tourists and said they’d try again to explore so called reasonable ways to lower our tax burden.  Representative J R Hoell, Republican of Dunbarton said on behalf of The Evil House Republican Alliance the tax should be cut to be more competitive with the Massachusetts Meal Tax he said was thirty one percent lower than New Hampshire’s and that it was quote unquote “distasteful,” get that Meals Tax…distasteful, that the majority party wouldn’t consider a small reduction for hardworking N H families.  Representative Emily Sandblade, Republican from Manchester’s Ward Eleven said we all know there’s no free lunch, but said the reduction would make that lunch less expensive.

Oh speaking of priorities, did you catch that our state’s two congresswomen, both die hard supporters of Obamacare, voted to delay implementation of their beloved and allegedly necessary individual mandate until after the November Elections?  Gotta love how Carol Shea Porter and Annie Kuster will stay the execution of our health plans to avoid the execution of their reelections in November!

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Hooksett School Board Member John Lyscars revealed the contents of a Right to Know Request he filed to learn just what the district’s administration did to inform parents of eighth graders about their high school options.  Despite having an agreement that still  needs voter approval with Pinkerton Academy, Lyscars produced nine emails to parents soliciting them on Pinkerton’s behalf.  By comparison, there were two such invitations for Central and West, where an approved tuition contract exists and none for Londonderry High, Bow High or Pembroke Academy, with which the district also has approved agreements.  Lyscars said it likely skewed the choices parents made.  Board Clerk Cheryl Akstin demanded to know whether or not that information actually came from the administration or if Lyscars made it up.  The revelations also touched off a bitter squabble between Lyscars and Board Member Phil Denbow who condemned the amount of time Right to Know requests were taking from what he said were more important staff duties.  Somehow, Denbow is capable of determining what is incessant and relevant when it comes to a citizen’s Right to Know, either that or he’s not concerned about knowing what’s going on or holding people accountable for their actions.  Board Vice Chair David Pearl got into the act, too asserting that it’s not up to to the board or the administration to ask why citizens want information or to carry on about the burden to provide it, noting that R S A Ninety One A imposes a duty to provide the data.  Pearl also questioned  Superintendent Charles Littlefield about why he told the board last June that the state had to approve any new tuition contract with any new receiving school district before it could be put on the ballot, but in December told the board they could put the tuition contract with Pinkerton on the ballot without approval.  Littlefield denied he said any such thing to the board.  When Pearl said he’d send him the video, Littlefield told him he didn’t need to see it and squirmed in his seat while cautioning everybody to be careful about context, implying that Pearl would skew the video.  Well, we’ve uploaded a side by each of what happened at this week’s school board meeting and back on June eighteenth.  It’s a fascinating eight minutes of video that clearly shows Littlefield misled the board and if he didn’t he needs to explain this:  Just how is the board going to alter a voter approved contract if the D O E says changes need to be made?  Watch the video, it says it all and it’s with this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.  Folks in Hooksett take special note as this could be a real problem for you if the tuition contract passes on Tuesday.

That’s news from our crazed backyard …