Mayor Ted Gatsas(Hour 3b, c) Mayor Ted Gatsas talked everything but chickens this morning.  Healthcare costs in Manchester is a big budget concern.  What solutions is the City seeking to reduce those costs?  How will it affect healthcare benefits when employee contracts get negotiated next year?  Gatsas also addressed economic development as a cure for City Budget Blues and explained how, “we’ve got to look at everything.”  Will an override of the Tax Cap be necessary?  Is putting city services out to bid an option?  Gatsas quizzed our humble host on the average tax increase during his tenure as Mayor.  The answer was surprising.

(Hour 3b) 04-02-2014 Hour 3b

Gatsas addressed contract negotiations coming next year.  “We can’t continue in the same direction without changes to Union contracts.”  Mike from Manchester had a question about the ridiculous costs of Yager Decker.  Mike Porter from Manchester called in about the proposal to close Jewett Elementary School.  Is the School Board listening to the parents?

(Hour 3c) 04-02-2014 Hour 3c

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