Sid Glassner(Hour 3b, c) Senior Fellow Sid Glassner gave us a few “Edubits” on Common Core.  Glassner was at a big meeting at Hollis Brookline and was encouraged by the turnout.  Over 150 people were in the room and actively participating in the process.  “That’s what it’s going to take,” claims Glassner, “to turn the tide in the public schools.”  Glassner also schooled us on character-building and the moral components “that are absolutely an inseparable part of education.”

(Hour 3b) 04-03-2014 Hour 3b

Glassner dove into the subject of class size.  Rich and Sid had a healthy debate on the merits of a system “built for the least common denominator.”  Also, great teachers in situations where they’re even more effective.

(Hour 3c) 04-03-2014 Hour 3c