Slander(Hour 3a, b) Rich and DJ Dave discussed the Oh My Head Stout… coming to stores soon!  Rich isn’t inviting Alderman Joe Kelly Levasseur to any beer summits.  He corrected the record on JKL’s claims (lies) on the Right to Know lawsuit he filed against our humble host.  The short version: EVERY SINGLE ACTION WAS DISMISSED.  In other words, Joe lost… in epic fashion.

(Hour 3a) 04-09-2014 Hour 3a

Rich explains the court’s ruling on Levasseur’s constituent e-mails.  Public or private?  Is Joe really fighting to clean up City Hall?  Or is it really just all about Joe?  Rich also called out Joe’s blind faith supporters, who continue to take his word for it.  Despite Levasseur’s penchant for not telling the truth.

(Hour 3b) 04-09-2014 Hour 3b