Sid Glassner 1(Hour 3b, c) Senior Fellow Sid Glassner gave us his take on those Bedford student surveys.  Why were the surveys ever given and why didn’t administrators in Bedford NOT inform the parents better?

Glassner had sharp criticism for the governing bodies that don’t question or hold such administrators accountable.  His criticism was even sharper for the parents that don’t consistently participate in the educational process.  “They get away with it because we let them get away with it!”

(Hour 3b) 04-17-2014 Hour 3b

Glassner describes the “Ineptocracy” that is Federal Education and he gave a scathing report on Secretary of Education “Pinocchio” Arne Duncan.

Sid dissected the “blatant lies” and “rubbish” Duncan espoused to the 51 members of the House Appropriations Committee in Washington, DC.

(Hour 3c) 04-17-2014 Hour 3c