Superintendent Earl F. Metzler 2(Hour 2a, b) You won’t believe the arrogant response by Timberlane Regional School District Superintendent Earl F. Metzler to a parent’s Right to Know request.  It seems they’re got student surveys there similar to the ones at the Bedford School District.

Arrogance aside, in his response Superintendent Metzler also misprepresented and obstructed the law.  Unfortunately, these kinds of incidents are not exclusive to Timberlane.  Just ask Clem Madden about his RTK request with the Goffstown School District.

(Hour 2a) 04-22-2014 Hour 2a

Our humble host had more to say about the burgeoning RTK request with the Timberlane Regional School District.  Also, the proposed changes to Right to Know by the Board of Mayor & Aldermen.  Namely, Aldermen Barry, Hirschmann and Levasseur.

Do we really have a Right to Know Crisis in Manchester?

(Hour 2b) 04-22-2014 Hour 2b